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Download the FREE trial version of OpNews - Binary Usenet Newsreader:

opcode is a software developer producing new media and web development applications and components. We create tools for businesses and individuals working with audio, images and the internet.

You can download demo and trial versions of our audio recorders, imaging tools, web server plug-ins and Usenet news readers.

click here for OpNews, the fast and easy way to download multi-part binary files from Usenet newsgroups.

click here for OpImage, a powerful and affordable tool that provides compelling web imaging without requiring anyplug-ins.

click here for OpURL, a URL re-writing plug-in for IIS that's simple yet powerful.

click here for OpMail, a free, easy to use SMTP/POP3 mail server for Windows.

check out some articles on internet development: handling non-computer browsers and usability and interactive tv

don't forget to check out the download pages for some useful components including smtp email support for sql server and url rewriting for IIS.

Play BattleFingers a fun new iPhone/iPod Touch game!
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